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The US30 is one of the largest indices on the financial market. When we are trading the US30 we are trading the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The algorithm has been created by Brad Farrington to take advantage of the large movements happening within this index. US30 will scalp through the market several times a day looking for precise and confirmed entries.

The US30 is a scalping algorithm created by Brad Farrington. After lots of optimisation and back-testing, the results came out positive. Over the past three years the US30 results have been extraordinary.

After purchasing your algorithm, please send us your trading account number. Following this we will respond with the files for the algorithm and installation guides for Mac & Windows.

To be used on the US30 Index only.

Recommended deposit £1000< (greater deposits receive greater returns).

Recommended use on a 2 minute timeframe.

Past results do not guarantee future profits.

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