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Ask any successful trader how important it is to review your own trades, and they will tell you that it is a MUST.




The BTFX Trading Journal is designed to help you as a trader to improve consistently. By reviewing each trade you take whether it be a win or a loss, making notes will improve your trading significantly.


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Learn from your mistakes

250+ Trading Logs

Trading Plan Example

Monthly and Yearly goals


Got some questions?

  • Do i receive support if i am struggling with trading?

    Each live trader is assigned a personal mentor. This mentor can be contacted for any questions you may have. On top of that you will sit monthly progress meetings with your mentor.

  • What is the average funded account size?

    During the evaluation phase, the trader will start off with a $5000 account. Thereafter the trader will be trading with a $20,000 trading account.

  • How often can i withdraw?

    The trader can withdraw once a month.

  • Do i have to pay if i lose the account?

    No. The trader will not be held liable for any losses on the account.

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