Best Bot 2.0


Best Bot 2.0

The BestBot 2.0 is a dual trading algorithm including the indicator: Daybreak and Daily Pivot Points. The strategy for the Algorithm is based on a daily strategy which finds clear breakouts in the market used by traders working with Best Trades Fx.



Best Bot 2.0 finds clear and precise entry points calculated from a small range happening at the timezone crossovers. The algorithm is programmed to risk exactly how much YOU want...with a target where YOU want.

What you'll get

This tool calculates the strength and momentum of the market and finds precise entry points. Once the confirmation that the breakout has happened, the algorithm will use your input to determine how much to risk (% of balance) and aim for a target of YOUR choice. You can decide to have a Risk : Reward ratio of 1 : 1 or turn up the heat and use a 1:2 ratio. There will be buy and sell entries across your chart whilst the robot is running, so you can go and review the trades you've entered.

All of this plus receive the Daybreak and Daily Pivot Points Indicators to use on your charts for manual trading.

the benefits

Used mainly on the 1H charts.
Colour coded entries for buy and sell
Used on multi - currency
Analyses market momentum and strength
Trades FX, Indices and Gold
Clear targets ( support and resistance)
Potentially maximise profits

Got some questions?

  • Which platforms do your algorithms work on?

    The Best Bot 2.0 and Daybreak Indicator both run on Meta Trader 5.

  • How long will it take to receive my algorithm?

    After purchasing your algorithm, please send us your trading account number. Following this we will respond with the files for the algorithm and installation guides for Mac & Windows.

    If there are any issues with the files, you can call us 01827 842 418

  • Who built your Algorithms?

    Our algorithms have been created amongst the team working at Best Trades Fx. These indicators have been checked by several traders after the optimisation and back-testing process.

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