BTFX Academy

BTFX Trading Academy will provide you with all the information you need to become consistently successful trading the markets. Below you can find all courses ranging from beginner packages through to advanced courses for experienced traders.

Free Online Programme

Enroll now to join the Free Online Programme. Several lectures explaining the forex basics. This programme is set to give beginners an insight to what trading involves and a sneak preview of The Forex Training Course.

The Trader

The Trader is our most popular training course. This training consists of two full days coaching with our team and then we supply funded accounts for students to trade with and start making money.


The Advanced Training Package is one of our most popular training courses. This training consists of six hourly sessions with our team teaching all aspects regarding trading.

Online Forex Course

This is the forex training course designed by the senior traders working amongst BTFX. This course will take you from having no knowledge about the Forex markets, to learning the most advanced information needed to become profitable in your career.

Trading Journal

Within the journal we have made it easy for you note down your trading plan and log in any trades you have placed alongside your results and goals.

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