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Best Trades Fx

Brad Farrington started Best Trades Fx in 2017 after applying his personal strategies and growing his trading account.
After realising his strategies and education does work, he decided to create BTFX Academy to teach the public how to do the same.

Our journey

Teaching students since 2017

Since 2017, we have taught 100s of students in the West Midlands and surrounding areas how they could potentially build their wealth through trading the markets. Either part time or becoming a full time trader, the markets can provide a secondary income. Our goal is help as many people achieve financial freedom which we believe to be possible through trading the markets.

The company

Our Beliefs

We feel strongly about educating people the BEST and correct way through personal training. We will NOT offer any signal packages as we believe the way to accomplish the skill is through learning the fundamentals involved trading.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader who needs help with a certain aspect, we strive to help you solve the problems.

our principles

We will not teach anything that does not work


We build relationships with our students and support them throughout their trading career.


We try our hardest to solve any problems that our community have to make their lives and jobs easier.


We tell the truth, communicate well and aim to deliver on all our promises.

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